Does it Get Any Easier??

    As im writing this I am in tears… Does it get any easier? My son is 5 (graysen). For the passed 3 years graysens biological father and i have been co parenting, before graysen was in school it was 2 days on 2 days off.. Now that he is in school his father gets him every other weekend. I get him the remainder of the time. I feel horrible feeling like this. Is it bad that I want to keep all my little chicks in one basket at all times?? Selfish feeling like this? This weekend is his weekend and on fridays he get off of school early so his father picked him up ealier…. And every weekend that i dont have my son i just feel a little empty. I know i know the weekend isnt thay long ill get him back monday. It just sucks…. And now apparently he got his old job back which means he will be at home more and ge believes that he will take graysen more during the week which im sorry its not gonna happen he needs consistency during the school week. I really hope this doesnt result in us having to get a parenting plan. Blehhhhh i hate starting the weekend off like this… 🙁

Bye for now…

-Overjoyed & Overwhelmed-

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November 8, 2019

Maybe it’s time to go back to court and get a new custody order?  And eventually your son won’t want to go see his dad every weekend and that needs to be written down.

November 8, 2019

Not every weekend. He goes every other weekend. Thats why i feel so selfish haha. And this isnt court ordered its just what we agreed on without going to court. Both of us didnt want to go through it.

I guess im just being over emotional…

November 8, 2019

@nakiakoren94 No you are not being too anything….he is your baby and I do understand that.