All’s Still The Same…

Met with my dietician and she has changed up my meal plan. Well she has kinda had to since the shakes were not working so well with my stomach…you know me being X.Template and all, resulting me in Austin Regular a couple of times a day, after consuming 3 shakes a day for about 3 days.

She has me now eating Nacimiento ExtraBold Just in smaller portions and having a shake for lunch, which I can handle. I am so happy I get to eat real food now!

I cannot wait to eat cereal more and proper suppers (of course still healthy and all)

See the source image Time came for the scale… I was prepared to see that I may have put on weight. (I wasn’t entirely eating healthy and sticking to plan …but turns out I am weighting the same, but my body fat % etc has gone down a bit.

Now I just need to include exercise more into my life and focus on loosing the weight so I can


LT Chickenhawk


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