Day 13 of Being Happy…

I still cannot believe that I got a tattoo. I often catch myself looking at it, and get all shocked that it is real…

There are these times when I find myself to be so ignorant and lacking of knowledge of so many things. Often I figured that it is the past and before I was even thought of, so knowing about it doesn’t matter. But then when it comes up I feel like a fool for not knowing the story or relation. Okay I am mumbling now, but anyway while I was waiting for my husband to get ready for work this morning I went onto Facebook…and I saw this clip referencing Watergate…and the whole Scandal. So figured I would see what I could read up on it now…but OMG it is so confusing…and so I read a bit but figured it was just so much about plumbers and then media and Nixon and this and that…so I gave up! But…as we all know that with every get story in history there is always a movie…so google comes to the rescue and I found a new movie that I intend to watch soon…’The Post’ – Directed by Steven Spielberg and the lead cast is Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks…just knowing that tells me that it sure is going to be a good movie…now I need to find it!!

So last night I cooked supper for myself and my husband and I have come to realise that he loves my cooking in general but last night he seriously loved the curry that I made. It wasn’t hot…because I have a sweet tongue…
Anyway…I generally ‘winged’ this cook…kinda guessed the amount of spice to put it and when to put it in and decided for myself what veg to include and it turned out so well….I got such great praises for it. Whenever I just ‘wing’ a recipe it always turns out well. I think my true calling was to be a Chef…

Even though I have not been going to gym, I have been somewhat eating healthier which is making ne feel so much more energized and ready to conquer the day and whatever lies ahead.


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November 10, 2021

All the President’s Men is the definitive film on Watergate. Highly recommended. Essentially, Nixon’s men broke into the Democratic Party’s office located in the Watergate to steal files. Nixon lied about knowing about it. When the investigation proved he knew about and that he lied to the nation, he was forced to resign or get impeached, convicted, and removed from office.

November 10, 2021

@solovoice – Thanks for the basic summary. When I googled the story it brought up the Media and in ‘The Post’ the journalist seem to be risking the paper and their jobs….I dunno…and then according to Wikipedia Nixon knew nothing about it and claimed that no one in the White House knew about it, but his AG claimed to have ordered it to be done…and then who is Martha Hill that was kidnapped? It was so confusing. But thanks for the summary and advice to watch All The President’s Men…Couldn’t put Humpty together again…oh it is the King’s Men couldn’t put humpty together again.

Anyway…I have a question…. Since Nixon was forced to resign or he would face impeachment or be charged…why didn’t they do the same with Trump (Twitter and Social Media Rantings) and Hillary (Emails) ?

Funny how history always repeats itself…you would think mankind would learn!!

November 10, 2021

@ncumisa Nixon may not have been aware that the break in was planned or executed, but he knew about the cover-up from “day one” as his legal counsel, John Dean says. I think you mean Martha Mitchell, the wife of the Attorney General at the time, John Mitchell. She was branded a kook when she came out with the accusation of “dirty tricks” used by the Nixon administration to win the election. Martha was a colorful character and it was used against her…but she was right.
As far as Trump is concerned, the character of Republicans in Congress back then was, overall, better than the character of today’s Republicans. Barry Goldwater, a Republican presidential candidate once warned of the “crazies” taking over the Republican Party. The crazies have.  Republicans of Nixon’s time urged him to resign and most would have voted to impeach and convict him. Even though I don’t agree with Liz Cheney on much of anything, she is one of the very few to show some moral character as regards to Trump.

November 10, 2021

@solovoice – after work I started reading Geoff Shepard’s Watergate Scandal. Well just read the first few pages and Nixon sounds like a great guy. From someone who rose so quickly to different levels of leadership and to have gotten so far, it is hard to believe that he did anything wrong.

November 10, 2021

@ncumisa Nixon was a brilliant guy, but he was also very flawed. I confess to a soft spot for him, selfishly, because he ended the draft while the Vietnam war was going on. That year, my lottery number was ONE.