Day 27: Conversely Write About Something That is Kicking Ass Right Now

While I was writing this title, a smile came on my face and I was immediately transported to kissing my husband goodbye this morning, as I got out the car, when he dropped me off.

I think it is safe to say that right now my marriage is ‘kicking ass’.

The past week has been great between us. We are happy and in a good place. He is constantly talking about plans of going to Home Affairs and sorting out his ID so we can legally be married. He talks about how he wants to do to better. He is motivating me to accomplish what I want to, even though I keep failing at it.

He is being the guy I fell inlove with….and our marriage is on a good path.

Of course I am trying to not be too optimistic; as next weekend he gets paid and if history does repeat it’s self; he will be back at a liquor store and getting drunk….he has yet to see a therapist….he hasn’t finalized on a trip to Durban to sort out his ID; so right now, this is all talk and me holding onto smiles and warm feelings. On the 2nd of November I could be crying snd questioning it all, again.

But right now my marriage is kicking ass.

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