Day 3: A Song That Makes You Miss Someone

When I was just a child and living at home…every night after supper my father would place himself infront of the computer, of course if there was nothing going on tv ie. soccer or news and he would play FreeCell until late into the night. And I would hear a Classic Musician belting from the Speakers. Of course after hearing the same songs over and over again he learnt the lyrics and so did I. So I would sing along when I hear the songs, obviously not knowing what a single word meant but still loving the songs.

And so still to this day when I hear Andrea Bocelli sing I get transported back to my the days when my father would be playing his music and I will get a warm feeling in my heart and I will smile and want to grab the phone just to hear my dad’s voice.

Andrea Bocelli – Con Te Partirò – YouTube

My favorite song of his, is of course a duet…

Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini – Dare To Live (HD) ft. Laura Pausini – YouTube

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Andrea Bocelli is great. I love Con te Partiro. It is such a beautiful song. 🙂

August 5, 2022

I don’t know what he is singing but his voice and music gives me the feels 💕Glad you like him too.