New Plan!

Since me getting the Obera Balloon isn’t going to be happening, well at least not any time soon, I think I need to be serious about loosing weight the hard way.

  • Eat Healthy
  • Get Exercise
  • Sleep Well
  • Surround Myself With the Right People


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No more Takeaway and Fatty Foods filled with Sugar. No More sugary drinks. Prepare my meals in advance and put in the effort to make healthy food choices.


Well I have a gym membership, I think it is time I actually put it to use. The dietician recommends that I walk for 30 min, 3 times a week. Now I know I would like to do more…more exercise time and more than 3 times a week. But maybe I should just start with this and grow from there. Right now I am not doing anything. And I live on the beach front, so I have no real excuse not to walk for a few minutes 3 times a week.


I love bed and have no problem getting to sleep…but maybe I should work on going to sleep at a reasonable time. Give my body some time to relax from all the fat it will be burning.

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I need to be more social and be with people who are on a good path and only bring positive energy to my life. I am still young and shouldn’t have to be spending my life being depressed in my flat and restricting myself to just my flat. So what if I don’t want to get married again. And so I may die a spinster. At least I have a chance of dying happy.

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