Resolution # 5

5. News Board St 

Okay so it isn’t complete…and hasn’t gone through… But yesterday…I officially signed off on the sale of one of my properties. Well I have 2. I live in one and up until June last year was getting rent from the other, which I have now sold!

I didn’t get the full amount that I wanted for it, but since it is in an area that has turned into an area surrounded by lots of vagrants and my previous tenant left it in a rather bad condition, I happy to be rid of it now. So soon I will have a nice lump of cash, but what am I going to do…

Yes it is great that I will have Image result for algebra x symbol amount of money, but I won’t have an additional source of monthly income to help pay off my many monthly debit orders.

But…I have been thinking…

Gauss Jordan

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  • when I want to wash my windows the water doesn’t shoot out so the wipers just smudge all the dirt on the windscreen (front and rear)
  • I have created many cosmetic illustrations on it, which kinda makes it look very tacky
  • It has a dent
  • It has recently just gone over 104 000km and when I got it it had 3 300km and was pretty brand new (but I got it December 2011) so it is 10 years old now.

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  • I know it isn’t a quick fix but it is something and I like to think will get me on the right path to loosing weight and staying healthy


I know it isn’t enough money and I know I prob won’t think of this again….but it would be nice to donate it all to somethin great and that will help South Africa and all that lives in it. When I think of winning the lotto I think of donating towards a good cause or using some of the money to make a difference….I know that when I am able to I will donate back what I can!

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  • Well that is already happening but I could now pay in full and not request a payment plan or subsidy like I am now.



Many years ago I started renovations and they never finished so I guess I could complete it now and tidy up the incomplete and tacky work.


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That would be the best thing to do…well besides buying something else to rent out…





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January 11, 2022

You have lots of choices! Time to pray for direction… what does God think is the best thing for you to do with it? Which direction does He want you to go that will benefit others as well as your own soul?

So many questions. Listen hard for the answers.

Psalm 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God.

January 11, 2022

Soon…I will be converting so I am leaning more towards paying what I can for that and giving it my all…I also want to have a Jewish home, which I am slowly doing. Thanks for the advice. I think I should dedicate some time to reading The Most Powerful Book – The Bible/Torah

January 11, 2022

@ncumisa Reading the Bible & the Torah are great ideas. You can’t go wrong with that! What does having a Jewish home entail? My Aunt S is Jewish, but she’s not a practicing Jew, so I don’t think she actually has a Jewish home. She sent me a prayer book, and I’m trying to remember what it’s called. I want to say something like Congregation or something that starts with a C. I’m going to have to find it – among the myriad other things I’ve got to locate.

January 12, 2022

@caria – I hate looking for things!!

I grew up in a Jewish home. And I would regard a Jewish Home as a home that practices the Jewish customs and holidays

Yom Kippur
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Hashoah

Okay there are too many for me to list them all. And also a Jewish home is a home that has the Jewish Ornaments and uses them.

Prayer Book = Siddur?

January 12, 2022

@ncumisa maybe not a C… does Prayer Union strike a chord?

January 12, 2022

No! But just because as a child a practised the religion and I will be converting this year, doesn’t mean that I know it all!