Trying to stay warm

My office is so cold, even though the aircon is on at See the source image I am freezing. I really woke up wanting to hold off on eating until 10am (kinda doing intermitted fasting), but I am so cold I had to have a glass of tea and now I am on the verge of going to get a Hot Chocolate.

I don’t understand how someone can subject people to this.

Cold Climate

Cold House ( and this vent opens up below air con)

Cold Daylight personal use (okay this is small, but it cannot be closed due to fire restrictions.)

 Cold Cabin - Demo Regular

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Aw… make sure the hot cocoa is sugar free. 🙂 Also, tell your boss. Normally, I like the cold being from Canada but… y’know??

August 1, 2022

You are funny!

Well I am starting to look for another job and hopefully with Spring around the corner things will warm up!