Will Smith Apologizes to Chris Rock

Honestly? I think the Academy and everyone else that feels Smith was in the wrong for ‘Slapping Chris’ after his comment directed to Jada Smith, are all in the wrong.

I applaud Smith for standing up for his wife. Yes, slapping Chris was wrong, on the level that I do not support violence, but that ass of a Comedian had it coming. I think Chris Rock should no longer be giving the honor to host any ceremony/event when all his speeches are about making fun at other people.

How can anyone condone what Chris said considering Jada is fighting a disease.

It is sad that for 10 years Will Smith is no longer part of the Academy and it is even more sad that his award has been tarnished; okay that is kinda on him.

I only hope that my husband will stand up for me, like Will stood up for Jada. Well I kinda know he will, considering what he says when he speaks about me being vulnerable or disrespected. He has never been violent on my name and I hope that he will never have to be, but in the world that we all live in, particularly the country that I live in, it is great knowing that I have a strong man to defend for me. (when need be, although I like to believe that I can fight my own battles.)

Talking about the country I live in, yesterday in the Newspaper I saw the headline about a Gang Rape. I read the News Report on Facebook and it is disgusting. A group of men, who aren’t South African, approached a movie set and robbed everyone on the set and proceeded to rape 9 women. One of the ministers that was interviewed about this spoke about how this incident takes him back to when he was a resident and had to perform a surgery on an 8 year old girl who had been raped by her uncle. He went on to say how when he went to speak to her mother after the operation was performed, the mother was sitting with the uncle, her brother, who had raped the little girl. The mother begged him not to report the incident because the uncle was providing for them and she had no other form of income or way to care for her child. Now I am not a mother and I pray for the day that I get blessed with a child, but what I know is that regardless of how I may be dependent on someone else and need them to survive, if they hurt my child in any way I would do whatever I had to do to make sure that that never happened again and that person faced the consequences for their actions.

“Deeply Remorseful” Will Smith Addresses Chris Rock Oscars Slap – E! Online (eonline.com)

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Jeez. 🙁

August 1, 2022

? ? ? Jeez@ Will Smith/Chris Rock saga or the rape?