I a still here

Life gets in the way of being…no it really does. A lot has happened meaning I have just not got here.

I now have a 5th grandchild – all girls. What is wrong with the guys my girls have children with???

I have just had my birthday. The nurse at the medical practice tells me my heart is 71 years old which is some years older and means that if I live to the average age I shall have been retired for 2 years before I demise. Well as much as one can tell such things.

I am exhausted – bit not just through life but through everything.

England girls (Lionesses) finished 4th in the World Cup. Men’s cricket in the world cup have just made the semifinals. Wimbledon is underway and Brits have again flattered to deceive.

MLB (Baseball) played the first 2 games outside of the US for the regular season and set a record for the most runs scored in a regular season 9 innings match. crowds were in excess of 55000 so not bad for watching outsized rounders LOL (I jest).

Politically the leader of the Conservative party has resigned but remains prime minister while 2 members of her party argue the toss over who will lead the party and therefore fall into the job of prime minister.

Some twits/idiots/(insert expletive here) decide to walk over the car and leave a couple of dents int he roof. They also left some hand and shoe prints which are now with the police forensic teams (CSIs)…we shall see what if anything happens.

I am considered outstanding at work but somehow or other it feels to me as though I am struggling.

The government, this is a flit around, has decided that the trial of 5 years with public and private probation services hasn’t worked and will be revoked for the most part having cost the tax payer no less than it would have done, some think significantly more, with little return except for many losing their jobs and inspectors finding nothing good to say about the system.

And the summer is hopefully here…hopefully

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July 7, 2019

A girl I met in college, she was the youngest of 10 kids….all girls. The poor dad

July 8, 2019

Good to hear from you!

Congratulations on your newest granddaughter!

July 9, 2019

Random reader here….Will you be the one who gives these nieces of yours the dating threat when they get older?  I hope to read more of you….

July 28, 2019

congrats again on the new granddaughter, they are such lovely little things, for awhile, lol,

seems like all modern gov’ts have gone nuts, mine included,


enjoy your summer !!!