This storm is a metaphor for my life

And just like that I am put into my place.

Like my life that has fallen and broken apart over the last few years, so is this winter storm I’m stuck in.

Just like the people who are in relationships and the “pretty” ones who have several people there to take out a splinter, so is this situation. I am stuck in my apartment. I am physically unable to walk through the deep snow and can only shovel so much until I have a raging sciatica attack. Yes, I am a medical mess. Could I crawl through the snow, sure but by the time I get to the front I will be in the midst of hypothermia.

So why the comparison? Well as said, just like the people who throw life advice at me that have never “really” been a 51 yr old slightly over weight, bald, and broke man, they are also telling me how to sit and be patient about the snow.

You see, they can get out. They have food and company. They are not stuck as I am, but they went through the same storm, so of course they know everything I’m going through.

I was supposed to get my oldest from college today for the holiday break. Was the only time I would see him, but nope, once again I will be the huge disappointment everyone makes me out to be.

“I would do everything I could to get out” says the guy with his own home and snow blower and several friends that came to help. Silly me, I forgot how easy it is.

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2 weeks ago

I am shocked no one has reached out to help.  You guys got several feet of snow?

Everyone I know helps their neighbors, because…even for strangers, it’s neighborly…and the time of year to think of other’s.


2 weeks ago

@strawberryjelly The neighbors around here are far from those types of neighbors. People come here to either die or to be left alone. Me, I’m stuck here because I can’t get enough saved to move somewhere else.

I’m actually starting to think I’m on the edge of another nervous breakdown with this and life in general.

2 weeks ago

@newt316 this time of year is really tough; the sun isn’t shining, the weather is cold and dreary and the holidays are very stressful.  I know it isn’t much, but I am thinking of you and your well-being…