It’s ego freaks and drama queens

I think I did this survey fairly recently, but it’s back again and I’ve since discovered new music, so you get it again. Yay, right?

Opening Credits: Say Anything- “Do Better”
Waking Up: All Time Low- “Actors”
First Day At School: Ramsay Fiction -“Playing Dead”
Falling In Love: Hedley- “For Nights I Can’t Remember”
Breaking Up: Say Anything- “Cemetery”
Life’s OK: Fall Out Boy – “Young Volcanoes”
Fight Song: All Time Low- “Love Like War”
Inner Turmoil: Marianas Trench- “Perfect”
Having Fun: All Time Low: “I Feel Like Dancing”
For Friends: Gaelic Storm- “Me and the Moon”
Reflection: Backseat Goodbye- “Long Drive Home”
Escape Song: Less Than Jake- “Five State Drive”
Sob Scene: Social Code -“Perfect Grave”
Flashback Montage: Shane Mack – “Break”
Regret: Marianas Trench – “Alibis”
Getting Back Together: Jellyfish- “Baby’s Coming Back”
Wedding: All Time Low- “Just the Way I’m Not”
Birth of Child: Marianas Trench – “Beside You”
Final Battle: All Time Low – “Break Your Little Heart”
Death Scene: All Time Low – “Reckless and the Brave”
Funeral Song: Voltaire- “Land of the Dead”
End Credits: Thoushaltnot- “Inside of You, In Spite of You”

Ok, well that took me WAY longer than it should have, but I took a trip through memory lane by going through my YouTube history, so that was cool. Well worth it.

The end.


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