Happy 2021!

Well 2020 is finally over, and I am glad. It was a pretty bad year to say the least. I haven’t gotten sick yet which is a blessing but I am not on the short list for the vaccine yet so who knows when I will get it. In the meantime I have been laying low. I don’t go out much anymore. Now it is too cold outside to even walk so I stay inside mostly. Yes I am bored but I can be doing a lot more writing now. So there’s that. I am also going to look into getting a certification for medical coding and billing. It is something I can do at home and when this crisis is finally over, maybe I can go back to working somewhere again just to get out of the house more.

I finally asked my brother if he could help me out financially and he gave me some money. I really appreciated it. Now I can at least pay my rent and bills for January. We are not super close, he lives in NJ and I’m in Illinois. He’s never come to visit me because he doesn’t travel well. He won’t fly and it’s about a 16 hour drive so he won’t do it. He’s really a homebody. He just retired from his long time job and he basically just putters around the house all day. He’s really into cars so he is restoring an old car. I forgot what it is. He sent me a picture of it, it’s pretty cool. He’s 5 years older then I am so again we weren’t all that close growing up. He was already in school when I was born so I was more like an only child at that point. He hardly ever played with me because I was the annoying younger sister that wanted to play with dolls. He wanted to play with cars and trains so I played with him but he used to kidnap my dolls and hold them for ransom. I used to get so mad. One time, we were wrestling and he almost broke my nose on accident. I still have the bump there lol. Then another time we were throwing pillows at each other and I missed and hit a crystal candy dish and broke it. To his credit, he took the blame and then fixed the dish by gluing it together. So I didn’t get in trouble haha. Thanks brother.

I know I am weird but I am excited for hockey season to start up again in a few weeks. Oh and the Bears made it to the playoffs in a wild card spot. I don’t expect them to win the Super Bowl but at least they made the playoffs. So they have at least one more game to go.  Go Bears.

Still waiting for my $600. Two of my children already got theirs. Where’s mine?

Can’t wait until Trump is out of the White House. He’s like a pimple on the ass of America right now. Wish he would just go away permanently. And I do mean permanently.

Hope everyone has a great new year!


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January 4, 2021

Too bad we can’t squeeze that pimple till all the crap is out and then kick him when it hurts the most.

This year has to be way better then last year….