Midlife Crisis?

Honest to goddess, I can see how midlife crisis is a thing. I’ve been at my job 10 years. I am a super successful at my job. A job that’s a feel bad about yourself job where the company reminds you of any flaw that you could possibly ever have and reminds you of what have you done for them lately. I’ve consistently made more money year over year for myself and my bosses. I’ve brought in large accounts and closed clients that could only ever be sought after by my peers. Yet, no promotions. I’ve trained every new hire and handled all of the inventory. I’m the person on my team that that my boss can always count on. I’m the one that stays late and comes in early. Still, no promotions. I’m just over it. I decided to apply for a job in another company and yet, I worry about flushing 10 years of my life away. Suddenly, I understand how the little old lady at the bank has been there 45 years and never explored anything else. Change is terrifying and hard. This sucks.

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April 19, 2018

Yes.  Change is terrifying and hard. I have been where you are. But more on that later.