Halloween Bruises

Yesterday, I woke up so excited for it to be Halloween. I showered, put on makeup and put on a lite version of the costume I planned to wear in the evening for Trick-or-Treaters. Then I went to Walmart to buy some last minute Halloween stuff to make my setup.

At Walmart, I mounted a scooter and began zooming around looking for the items I’d come for. Small children were looking at me in witch costume, like they just weren’t sure how to take it. I looked at one little girl and said, “What? My broom is broken!” She looked at her mom, and her mom giggled. And that’s the great thing about simple little gags like that. I gave a few people a chuckle before I left the store.

By the time I got back home, I was already feeling run down. So I rested for a while, then began trying to set up my station.

My idea was to put up our EZ-Up, then decorate it with lights, spiderwebs, and spiders. I wanted to have the firepit set up, and I had a few samples of things that I could throw into the fire for special affects.

What’s the saying? “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley.” In other words, no matter how great your plans, plan for disaster.

While looking for the EZ-Up, I had to climb into our storage trailer. I got one foot up, no problem. I grabbed both sides of the door, and pulled my body up, as I pushed with my knees. And that’s when the driveway smacked me in the behind! I landed ass-first, rolled backward, and then conked my head on the ground.

The good news is that my bottom is well-padded, and seems to have absorbed most of the shock. I was wearing my witch hat, and it actually created a bit of a cushion when my head hit.

The bad news is that I didn’t have my phone with me, nor did I have my Medical Guardian fall-detect button. I rarely wear that when Drew is home. But Drew was inside the house – the bathroom, actually, and had no idea. So I just laid there for a while, trying not to flash the world, and hoping someone would see me and come help.

That got boring very quickly, so I tried to sit up. Once sitting up, I rested a bit longer, then worked my way onto my knees. Again, I’m grateful for my witch costume. I was able to bunch the skirt enough that my knees weren’t wrecked on the concrete.

With much effort, I was finally able to get myself off the ground all by my gimpy self! 💪 I walked slowly and wobbly back into the house, where I sat in my chair and assessed my injuries. A few scrapes and bruises. Nothing I can’t survive.

On the other hand, now I felt even more run down. By the time we got our first kids, I only had the Canopy up with lights, and no cobwebs or spiders. I had a rocking chair and a small table. The table had a small cast iron cauldron and a glass, skull mug.

I also had a giant, harry spider, which I held on my lap, and petted like he was my kitty. I had an absolute blast! The kids loved it, even though it was just a simple setup, they found it intimidating. It seemed that the bigger kids were a little more creeped out than the smaller ones. They’d ask questions about my spider, his name is Herman, and insisted that he wasn’t real. Of course, that hurt his feelings, so they had to get their candy and run away quickly.

Sadly, we had a tornado watch go into effect, and the blustery wind was giving me a headache. I got my last trick-or-treater by 7:50, and then no more came, so we packed it up.

I don’t know that anything gives me more joy than making people laugh! It was just the kind of boost that my bruised bottom needed.

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November 2, 2019

I hope you’re feeling better today after the fall. I’m glad you were still able to enjoy the holiday.

November 2, 2019

Awesome that you got to make people laugh, after falling and hurting yourself. It sounds like you had an awesome Halloween. We got quite a bit of rain here.

November 2, 2019

When ever I am around people especially those I don’t know I am always saying something corny and telling off the wall jokes and they always smile..And I also drive hubby nuts because I just talk nonsense.

November 2, 2019

Sounds like you had a wonderful evening………..once you were ready for it.

I hope you are feeling ok after that fall.  So glad you were able to get back up on your own.  You should really wear your button when no one is around.  I deal with this with my bff.  She has a broken back and had surgery……….she can fall at any moment and tends not to wear the thing.  She has already fallen when people were there………..thank goodness they were.