The latest

My folks have been visiting.

They left last Monday morning. They’ve been here for just about two weeks. I wish it could have been longer.

They came up for our family reunion, which was this most previous weekend. But they came up early enough to see my nephew’s last t-ball game, and just spend time with some of their friends.

A week ago Sunday, my dad went with me to Kelly’s church. After gobs of unreturned phone messages, 3 dozen roses spread out over 3 weeks, and not knowing a current postal address for her — I have only physical proximity as my last form of contact.

So for the last couple of months, every available Sunday morning I’ve been driving to her church in Major Metro Center. Her church is a unique one. Its not a formal “church” in the traditional sense; rather, its a missions base, and weekly worship services are just one of its ministries.

During the time we were dating, the weekly worship service was held on Sunday mornings at the location of their 24-hour prayer service (this, being in a converted grocery store; their missions headquarters taking up the various storefronts of an abandoned strip mall).

It was because of the Holy Spirit’s leading of my father to read some of the materials in the lobby after a visit to the toilet that the “regular church service” has been moved to an entirely different, remote location. We were able to make it to the service ontime, see Kelly dancing during the service, hear a great sermon on preparing for the coming Tribulation, and then speak to Kelly afterwards.

Actually, he did most of the talking for the first few minutes. I was utterly speechless, in a dopey sort of way. *grins*

Kelly was surprised, to say the least. In fact, I might even go as far as say “scared” except that just isn’t the right word. She was emotionally tired and suffering, confiding to us that she was just coming out of another relationship (thus the reason she hadn’t returned my calls, which she then appologized for not doing). But she clearly wasn’t excited to see us. She was hesitant to (meaning, she did not) give us her address. So we both gave her ours.

It was a strategic and tactical success. I am relieved. Where the future lies is in God’s hands.

The family reunion was good. My sister was here for it as well. I got as mad at her as I have anyone in recent years, over the issue of her being a poor computer client, when she asks me to fix her stuff. I record that only because my actually getting MAD at someone is a fairly rare thing.

My cousin Sandy was there. Sandy is a second- or third-cousin on whom I had a very strong crush when I was a kid. She’s just very cute. Anyway, she and her husband have not been to a family reunion since our first one some 12 or more years ago.

It was nice to see her – them – again, and also to confirm that part of the reason I find April so attractive is because they have very similar facial features an vocal/facial mannerisms.

I took my bike to the reunion and got in a nice ride. Along my ride I stopped to meditate on a bench behind a cathedral, the bench overlooking a river from high upon a bluff. It was very tranquil.

I have not had a roommate in my house since June 1. I’ve had no incomming financial aid in the form of rent or half the utilities for two months. If I don’t have a roommate August 1, I will have to move or something; this house is too expensive at my current salary.

I trust God will provide.

There’s been more over the past few months, but this helps fill in the biggest of gaps, and keep my journal active, at least.

Its nice to write again.. I miss all of you whom I’ve come to know as friends.

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July 12, 2006

Nice to hear from you again!

There is a lot of machinations in the background I think. Things being set up to occur when they are meant to. Was very nice to see your name come up on the list and read a little of your path ***HUGS***

July 20, 2006

It’s good to hear from you too. It does feel good to write again after being away for a while. I have been finishing my Master’s. It’s been good, but loads and loads of writing, not to mention time, and it seems I’m written out by the time I get a chance to write here. Also, I’m switching jobs and a couple of other projects. Things should settle down soon though and I’ll start writing for me again

September 2, 2006

Good to see you’re also still (sorta) around. Hope things are going well for you! 🙂