There will be yardwork

I’ve spent the day doing very little of what I should, and accomplishing much.

I cooked a meal of pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy (for the meat – the potatoes didn’t need them) and orange jell-o (with mandarins). I’ve taken two or three naps. I’ve played at least two or three hours of SimCity, taking “Monrovia” up to the verge of 100,000 population. I’ve watched at least two movies, and may fit yet one more.

I have done dishes, washed clothes and bedding, folded towels which were piled in the utility room for over a month. I’ve vacuumed part of the house, and hope to at least vac the living room when I finish this entry.

But there are the things I haven’t done, which include a bi-directional data sync between my laptop and storage server. I’ve also not studied my EMT stuff, not finished filing any bills, nor did I finish the lawn trimming or take back some Corningware (when did Corning switch to stoneware, and where can I find real glass-ceramics without paying $150 for Visions cookware??).

I also didn’t contact Adriene.

I miss Christmas, from back when I was younger. I miss having the whole family gathered in one big place. I miss enjoying the snow instead of finding winter depressing. I miss annoying my siblings, and all the craziness that happens when so many odd people are crowded into a relatively constricted environment.

I am feeling alone from family.

I have step-siblings not far away, but I feel like I’m imposing to be there. I have an uncle just over an hour away, and while I’m always welcome there, its just not the same as my siblings and my folks.

I miss having someone to come home to, even if in coming home I’m just declaring myself played out and go hide by myself.

But, I take a deep breath, and suck it up and everything is okay. Not quite perfect, but okay, and I can be content with that. Soon enough, I’ll get to revel in those memories in first person once more, and reexperience the pains as well as the joys.

Now is the time to keep my hands to my purpose.

Tomorrow there will be yard work, and much paperwork and studying.

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September 4, 2007

*HUGS* Glad to see you back, even if you’re only peeking in.