Kimball couldn’t flip a switch if his life depended on it. Not that it could anymore, not could anyone’s.

I had been hoping for a woman. A younger woman within good fashion; a woman whose pragmatism would overcome any deficit in my looks or age, in exchange for my skill set and even temperament. I would make a good companion in this, I would. Caring without suffocating, protective in a just out of hands reach way – ready to back her up whenever needed. Good in bed. And well stocked; I had anticipated and prepared much.

Instead I get a ward. An incapable one at that. Now not only is there no sex, but there’ll only be half the results, and I’ll be working twice as hard to get that. There’ll be little time to teach if I’m doing all the work.

But I suppose everybody has a right to try to survive, and who else is going to take him in at the end of the world as we know it? It’s not like this was unexpected.

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