Texture of context

I was just leaving and stumbled upon an entry by an old-timer, from the original OD.

She commented on how customizable the old interface was. It was really neat. Choice of colors, wallpaper, backgrounds, typefaces size and weights: the layout of a diarist’s pages told you much about the diarist without even reading an entry. When you visited a diarist’s pages, it felt like you were dropping by their home and you could smell the lilacs or fresh cookies or the crispness of their office air or whatever it is that made that writer’s space their own – and then you settled in for a story, or a chat, or a rant. The context of the page design set the tone, the texture of the writing.

I’m not complaining. The neatness of this interface does compel the diarist to focus on the writing – because that’s all there is. I do miss the sense of community that I felt in the original interface, and with this old-timer’s post I realized it was the customization that improved the quality of the social connection. It helped create the diversity that made the community of diarists feel so rich.

[note: as a software coder, I also realize that customization was problematic and a security nightmare. That doesn’t mean its not also poignant.]

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January 29, 2022

I used to love playing with the colors, pictures and html

January 29, 2022

oh and the site meter lol


January 29, 2022

I miss having my parchment background and images and all those good things. I’ve come back to OD after an 11 year absence. This is okay, but it’s not “my” OD.

January 31, 2022

Haha, yeah I loved it completely! I learned a lot doing that, and being a part of the site the it was first opened was life changing for me. I often changed my layout to suit my moods. My favorite to this day was still the hot pink, pink and crimson on black with the font at Veranda set at 8. It was perfect. I also loved leaving the colorful notes. I found so much through here, so many encouraging notes, people who struggled like me. I even found music, I found emo music and in March I see yet another band that got me through hard times—Dashboard Confessional—whom I found on this very site. I still remember a lot of my favorites, a few of their diary names, and all he fun I had reading their beautiful space.  All in all while I don’t write here often  enough I am certainly glad its back. It’s home ya know?

June 18, 2022

@uncertaintragedy Yes, I do, as an infrequent writer these days myself. I’m also on that other platform that has the apps and whatnot, but I still prefer to write here. Not there.