A Lazy Day

  • I was writing yesterday that I have had two consecutive days of energy where I got things done. Well, I was wrong, it was actually three days of feeling normal with little to no pain and the ability to get small necessary jobs done. However, last night broke the chain. I went to be early–sleep is an important part of the next day energy– but read until 3 AM. and woke at 7 AM. So, today can be labeled a do-nothing day. We all need them, right?
  • Jake is dropping in tonight to pick up my recyclable boxes. I was thinking I might get them out there to my car myself but since I only have one useful arm– the other is holding a cane which I am going to need today, I know already–I will let Jake get them.
  • I am really glad I got food in yesterday. Since I was feeling good, I bought more than I usually do and put the canvas bag on wheels in the back of my car, Usually all I buy will go in the bag in one trip in to the apartment but yesterday I took two trips  from the car to my door but managed quite well.
  • Now, I have had breakfast–a cup of tea and two pieces of toast and Marmite so, I am now going to make my bed and lie under the winter comforter fully dressed and read. And it’s possible I may nap, which after last night will be a good thing.
  • Tomorrow is "drink lots of water all day" day in preparation for the medical stress test which I have to take at 8 am after fasting from midnight on. I don’t usually ear much after 19 pm but I have noticed that if I am forbidden to eat, that is exactly what I want to do! I can drink water on the morning of the test but no tea or coffee.

An emotion is only an emotion.

It’s just a small part of your whole being.

You are much more than your emotion.

An emotion comes, stays for a while, and goes away, just like a storm.

If you’re aware of that, you won’t be afraid of your emotions.


~Thich Nhat Hanh


If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment. — Marcus Aurelius







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December 2, 2013

Well, at last the day of the surgery is drawing near. Sounds like you are in great shape for it.

December 2, 2013

The quotes at the end of your entry really helped me. Thank you for sharing them. I have to realize that my distress currently is temporary, and that it is only because of my estimate and that I have the power 🙂

December 2, 2013

You are the second of my faves to be going in for surgery tomorrow. I wish you good results and speedy healing!

For the first time in ages I can read and note here at OD. Hope the tests go well…keep us all posted…