Apparently we relaunch tomorrow.

This entry serves to lay out the way MY diary works and to reintroduce myself. If you know me, come back in a couple of days and there’ll probably be something new for you to read.


If you don’t know me, or my diary, hang on in there and this will be quick and painless.


I am Princess Pitbull. You can call me Kit if you really want to.

I’ve been a member of OD since I was 13 (2000-ish) under various guises. This diary was started in 2006, it covers a lot of my time on OD and some from before then too. It’s not always easy reading, I didn’t have the nice, easy spoiled childhood. Life was hard, times were shit. I have various mental health problems; Depression, Anxiety, OCD and various issues stemming from Disordered Eating. I have been sexually abused by a family member, suffered Domestic Abuse, and was sexually assaulted by by fiance. This all gets touched on in my diary because it still, and probably always will affect my daily life. I’ve been in and through therapy since I was 8, I’m now 31. I come from a broken home and I’m now a single mum of two kids (Bub and Pidge) who have never had their fathers in their lives and never will. The kids might get discussed on here, their fathers never will. They are the only two that are off limits because frankly, there’s no feelings and nothing to say.

All the names mentioned in this diary are aliases. This is not only to protect the people I’m talking about, but also to protect my identity. A few chosen people from the real world are allowed in to my diary now. The majority of which came from the original OD, and there’s a few others who didn’t. Place names also get changed for the same reason. The aliases are usually chosen by finding a similar name to their own, however some are just nicknames given for whatever reason I think the nickname suits them.

For now I’m leaving my notes open and public. I’ll happily block any hate, bigotry or spam. You’re more than welcome to leave notes, even if it’s just a blank one to say you’ve read the entry. Chances are if you do, I’ll check your diary out and if I like your writing I’ll add you in to my bookmarks. I like to read.

The featured images atbthe top if each entry aren’t related to the entries at all. They’re for me. They’re the place I call home. I don’t live there anymore but I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Lastly, I’ll leave you a small list of the key players that will feature, and have featured, as well as a breakdown of the chapters in my diary so far.


Kit = Me

Ma = My mother.

Bub = My son.

Pidge = My daughter.

Dee and Dum = Our cats.

Kel = My ex, she is the main feature of “The Kel Year”.

Elle = Another ex, “The Elle Era” is a Chapter of our entire relationship.

Dick = Dick is my ex fiance who I mentioned earlier. As with Elle, “The Dick Mistake” centres on our relationship.


The current chapter I’m writing entries in to “Time To Heal” focuses on life at the moment, as I try to process everything that’s happened since I was sexually assaulted. It’s been a pretty tough time and I’m now at a point where I want to move on but I’m struggling, and so I turn to OD.

As for NaNoWriMo, NoJoMo and DecPhoMo, I have no clue whether or not I’ll pick them up as the year goes on, but I won’t rule it out. I probably won’t bother with the surveys anymore though, as looking back on them when I cleaned this up, I couldn’t remember half of what my answers were about. So they were a waste of time.

Any questions?

Welcome back to OD guys, I sure as fuck have missed you all, as much as I missed writing.


Oh yeah, by the way, I swear, a lot.




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January 25, 2018

I read you before correct? Help me remember…

January 26, 2018

@tami You did. We read each other. Xx

January 25, 2018

This is fucking awesome.

January 25, 2018

Thank you for the introduction. I believe I read you on Old OD, I was on under different names since 2002. Yay for New OD.

January 28, 2018

I was here since 2000 as well – I wonder if our paths crossed at all. Thanks for the cast of characters, I did read back a few entries and pretty much thought i had it worked out, nice to have it confirmed 🙂