Unfinished Business…




So….do we all remember way back in the days of Kel, and the early Elle era??
Do we all remember when I work at M’s??
There was a slight omission from me at the time…
There was a guy who worked the door…one of the bouncers…
We shall call him Spike.
Spike had/has a girlfriend who we shall call Jerry.
They now have a kid who we shall call Tom (go figure).
Spike and I had chemistry.
We still do.
We have unfinished business.
Would it be so wrong to finish what we started all those years ago?
Neither of us would tell Jerry.
Neither of us are that stupid.
After we finish what we started we need never see each other again.
This isn’t love and mush
Its pure lust and passion.
He didn’t love Jerry then.
He told me he was only staying with her because he got her pregnant.
I still don’t think he loves her.
They spend very little time together
and there’s no affection between them.

We talked.
Me and Spike.
He still doesn’t love her.
He realises he’s stuck with her now.
He said it was a mistake to stay with her.
I know this guy well enough.
These weren’t just lines.
He knows I know him better than that.
And that he would lose his bollocks if he tried that shit with me.
He told me about how their lives have been since we lost touch.
I feel sorry for him,
He said that she knows he’s been unfaithful in the past.
He told her that he probably would be again,
He told her that he doesn’t love her.
She told him that she’s always known that.
and that she’s only with him because of Tom.
That she stopped loving him when she found out that he was going to leave her the day she told him she was pregnant.
She found that out much later.
She also found it was me she was being left for.
Which explains a lot.
but that’s another story.
She doesn’t know that me & him are back in touch.
But all three of us are friends on Facebook.

We talked about the situation and what we expect out of it.
I told him what I expect.
I don’t expect the world.
I expect a little romance.
I don’t expect dates out,
I don’t want dates where we are on show.
I don’t want local dates.
I don’t expect a commitment.
I don’t want commitment.
I don’t want to settle down.
I told him he will not be the only person.
I told him that there may be the occasional woman.
He said the same thing.
Which is fine.
I told him to get tested.
We went together.
We’re both clear.
I told him I expect him to be tested every 3 months.
He agreed.
I told him if Jerry ever thinks anything if it then he’s to tell her I’m a cut & dry lesbian.
She already thinks this anyway.
I told him this is not forever.
He looked disappointed.
I told him straight
“don’t you dare start getting feelings and thinking you’re in love.”
This is temporary.
and then, well then maybe I will start to think about having a serious grown up relatioionship with someone.
But first I need to settle all my unfinished business.
You only settle when you’re finished.



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June 30, 2010

Why not? You might as well. Unfinished business is not good 🙂 x

June 30, 2010

LOL if it aint pit, it aint ****! ****ing classic! lol

I’m not trying to be mean or anything. But they have a child. Don’t break up a family, whether she knows or not it’s not fair. For sex? Psh. I honestly think that’s a little selfish x x