It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year 🎄☃️

December is such an exciting time for my family and I. Both of my kids Birthdays and Christmas are this month. Decorations are up and presents are bought & hiding. My in-laws were able to get reservations at the country club next weekend for the Santa Brunch. Afterwards we will go to my wife’s parents home for cake & presents to celebrate my kids birthdays. With the pandemic we are not able to celebrate in other ways with school friends.

Since the country club has been diligent with social distancing, it’s been an outlet to get out. This last summer the kids and cousins were able to safely to swim there this past summer. We have been social isolating with my mother & father in law, plus my sister in law and her two kids. None of us have gotten COVID17 and we are owing all we can to keep it this way. I’m homeschooling both kids this year. I took them out of public school for the school year.

Sadly family have passed away this year and my wife lost both of her grandmothers. One grandma we went to the funeral virtually. Her other grandma there’s been no services & we are all waiting until it’s safe to gather again. None of us have been to any baby showers or other family gatherings with those outside of our little circle. It was good we didn’t because those who did, have gotten Covid and some are not doing well. It’s scary and I wish people would be more careful.

Life is very different right now and I am amazed at how well both of my kids have adjusted. As a family we have all grown closer to each other and I am treasuring this time I get to spend with them.

I also am a YouTuber. Lol I even have a channel with Tarot readings & other fun witchy things. The other channel is full of makeup and unboxings. I am making friends and enjoying making videos. I’m not monetized yet but I’m getting closer! I have just started having fun on TikTok and I am looking forward to Klips launching soon!



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December 5, 2020

It’s so good to hear from you! I’m glad your little family is doing well. Mine has fared pretty well during all of this, too, for which I’m so thankful.

I don’t do much YouTube, but I’m interested in your witchy channel!

Happy birthday to your kids! This covid has made my family closer too.

December 26, 2020

hello merry chrismas