I have no idea?

Each night I climb in bed with my iPad, looking forward to writing about oh… whatever was the hot topic in my mind for the day.  I log onto OD and THAT is when things become… Hitchy… like… as in Hitchcock?  Alfred is standing behind me, hands behind his back, and… oh look!  Is that Jimmy sititng next to me?   as I begin to look into the lives of others.  Only difference is the backlit screen instead of a camera lens. OD is a world filled with happiness, sorrow, laughter, anger and some very thought provoking moments.  Anonymity is a key into the heart and soul.  I think… no…. I KNOW I will continue to use that key and who knows?  Maybe tomorrow I will have an idea?

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March 2, 2018

I always think of things I’d like to write about but then when I get here….crickets.