Today started out pretty well, but ended drastically different.


My sister has her own online bakeshop, she got her second order and I told her I was happy and proud. It meant a lot for her that it was doing well so I motivated her to continue. I ate well, perhaps more than I wanted to, but still pretty good. My anxiety never bothered me in anyway in the morning which is the first time this happened for this week.

I’m only a free member so I guess I’ll have to make the most of 30 days, hoping I grow into a better person. But this beginning isn’t helping.

They took my phone. Something I thought would never happen to me, again. The last time my phone got taken away, I was always anxious, especially at night. It was because I didn’t do my assignments. I did my best. I only had 5 missing, compared to 30 that I had at the start of the year. I never told them how much I didn’t do, I also didn’t tell them how proud I was of myself of completing almost all of them. It’s a huge problem for me now to have my phone taken away from me due to my anxiety being at an all-time high. But of course I didn’t tell them about it returning. Nor my phone away from me being a problem.

I’m typing this on my sister’s laptop. She’s thinking im doing my schoolwork but I’m nowhere near motivated to do anything. It has been over a year since I’ve seen my friends. I’m thinking of emailing my teachers about my issues. Hopefully they’ll understand and loosen the amount of work they give.


hope you guys have a good day today


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