She Is the Beginning of Wisdom

She Is the Beginning of Wisdom

As I meditate
With the Sun and Moon
A woman appeared
Her eyes radiated
Violet frequencies
Matched my spirituality
Conquered Saturn
Escaped the hexagonal prison
And is hidden
From the watchful eye
That traps souls at night

Her name
Is Sophia
She is
The beginning of Wisdom
The Light for my eyes
As she soaks inside
My body and mind

It feels like Spring
Reproducing pleasure
While the stars
Watch our fantasies
Uniting and transforming
Our design to create
The passion we no longer sedate
And she told me
That it will
Get better than this
If we design our fate

We watch the stars
Fall asleep
The Moon closed its eye
As the Sun rose
The dawn was violet
And I know the stories
Will be true
Life can be good
Once you feel love
That doesn’t turn blue

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May 29, 2023


May 29, 2023