Silent Sorrows/My Spiritual Awakening Pluto Opposite Ascendant Transit/Against New Tobacco and Gun Laws

I watch the stars
Close their eyes
And fall asleep tonight
As the Moon glows bright
Guarding the night
I lay down
Exhausted from my mind
Know that you cry
The deepest sorrows
When your eyes are deceived
From the perceptions
You’ve always dreamed

An era of depression
Soaks inside
And absorbs my suicidal mind
As I fall deeper
Into this hole, I’ve dug
All my undying years
I see hope
I see life
But I feel
That I cannot make it out alive

The desperation of the night
Suffocates everything in sight
The face of today
Changes into tomorrow
Everything unnoticed
Is discarded and thrown away
And your dreams to be
Vanish away
When you don’t believe
The words you say

I’m lost
And trying to be found
My veins are split open
From an addiction
Left unspoken
If only I could
Find a way
To fill the void
I could leave
The world I’m trapped in
To find a world
I can live in

Until then
I will spend days
In silent sorrows
Looking up at the stars
Hoping for a better


My Spiritual Awakening Pluto Opposite Ascendant Transit


I am against the new tobacco and gun laws

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August 29, 2019

When are these laws going to be in effect and why would you be against them?

September 1, 2019


Guns are not necessarily a law that is going up, but a lot of businesses are moving the age to buy a gun up to 21, which is a sign of change.  I boycott those stores.  Tobacco products moving up to the age of 21 begins Sept. 1st.  I believe in less government control because I do not believe that the government should be your and my daddy.  The best form of government is a government that does not intervene too much in people’s lives.  If you can vote, you should be able to look at porn, buy tobacco, buy alcohol, and purchase a gun.  Eighteen is the legal age that America says that you can make adult decisions.  If the trend is moving those adult decisions up to 21, then I support a voting age of 21.  If the government moves the voting and draft age up, then I would support a law moving adult decisions up to 21.  The state of Texas has changed its law to 21 while the Federal government recommends an age of 18.  It’s a complicated situation, but the states influence government laws.

September 1, 2019

@raphaeltiriel   Here the law is 19 for all federal things.  I think that is too young but then I am only one person.

September 7, 2019


19 for voting too?

September 7, 2019

@raphaeltiriel yup and 18 for the province and city governments.

September 9, 2019


One year after voting, I can settle for that.  Give the voters a year to understand the roles of being an adult.