The Mirrors Alice Holds / Hermetics the last three of the seven principles

I know
How it feels
To run away from everything
That comes your way
I know
How it feels
To be alone
In a void that
Swallows your soul
I know where
The darkness goes and leads
For I’ve been inside
Those illusions and dreams

The horror
I’ve seen
Opened my eyes
To an experience
That caused me to be blind
To what I used to be
Creating a new me

The torture trapped my soul
In the mirrors
That Alice holds
And I always wonder
What mistakes did I make
That caused demons
To hunt me as prey
As my tears hide behind my eyes
And my emotions rip my insides

I’m waiting for the Sun
To surface and evaporate
The darkness inside
I’ve trapped the Moon
So Pluto won’t take
My Ego to Hell
To change the philosophy
That I sell


And the continuation of the Principles.

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