Visions just before death/Why Capitalism and Socialism fail

I’m drugged and paranoid
Hallucinating and hearing whispers
People appear
And have no reflection
Voices enter my head
Without a direction

I’m looking for a sign
As I fade away
From the moonlight
Slipping into the darkness
Disconnecting myself
From a world that
Is bitter and cold

I’m falling down
Inside the failure I’ve become
Blame me
For your troubles to be
I’m being erased
And there is no help
Just me
Fighting for myself
I’m losing hope
In a reality
That doesn’t care
Reflect my negativity
And turn it into a positivity
So I can live
In the image of life
I’m crawling on my knees
Striving for another breath
Hallucinations enter my head
With a vision
Before my death


Well, I do not necessarily believe that capitalism is a form of an economic system that would fail outright. Capitalism is not destined to fail, like socialism. Socialism is the government control of the means of production, pricing, etc. Governments are not designed to control these issues, and that is why socialism always fails and will fail. The reason why capitalism has a hard time these days is because of the fiat monetary system. The money used today in every country is fake, like monopoly money. Banks create money out of thin air–nothing–and charge interest on it. The last time I check in 2012 for every dollar that an American possesses five dollars is owed back to the reverse. You cannot pay the debt off when you charge interest from creating something from nothing. It is absurd! Money and debt have a relationship in that if there is no debt, then there is no money, and if there is no money, there is no debt. Money is created from debt, and a majority of money creation comes from businesses. Every time that a business or you get a loan from a bank that is money creation. The bank will charge you interest on something that the bank created out of thin air. Then, there is the fractional reserve part where when the government creates money like the bank has to hold onto ten percent. So, let’s say that the government tells the FED (which is not part of the government) to create $100. Well, the bank has to keep $10 of that hundred dollars. The way how the bank records the $90 difference adds to the $100 making the total $190 that the bank has to loan out. Thus, both systems would collapse because the debt cannot be paid. For more information about this, I suggest you read this:

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