This weekend I’m going to my cabin on the Pacific Ocean. I go with the rest of my family, and this time some of my extended family is coming as well. The only thing I worry about is my dog. He’s a golden doodle and SUPER fluffy. I enjoy his company (he’s a great therapist). His name is Ruffles. He doesn’t like to cuddle much though. 🙁

But anyway, I worry about my dog because my family loves to let him off leash. Our cabin is (mostly) surrounded by woods. There are other lots that people live on, but there is wildlife as well. We see moose quite often. One time we were hanging out around the fire when a baby moose came jumping out of the woods. The small kids got up and started running for the cabin, screaming. It was a good thing, because soon a mama moose also came out of the woods, her ears down and the hairs standing on her back (that means they’re agitated). The moose stayed around there for a while, while everyone else stayed inside. Ruffles happened to be in the car at the time, thank goodness. Though he did bark at the small family until they left.

One more story, but a little bit of background first. This beach we go to is a very rocky beach, it’s also cold and windy. Not California. We ride four-wheelers, and sometimes trucks down there. There are a couple of horse ranches that are around this beach, so of course riders ride their horses on it. Back to the story, we were down on the beach when Ruffles started bolting towards a horse and a human who was walking besides the horse. We yelled and shouted at him but he’s very stubborn, and he was close to a puppy at that time. He circled the horse playfully and the horse freaked out. It started kicking, and it just so happened to kick Ruffles in the head. Ruffles stopped playing with the horse immediately, and ran back to us.

So basically, I’m afraid my dog will get lost, or get hurt while we’re down there. But I guess it shouldn’t stop me from having fun. I have gotten better at being less protective of him… I sometimes just worry when I can’t find him. Anyway, I hope I have a good time, and I’ll be back in 3 days.

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May 26, 2023

You must be up in the PNW, if you see moose often at the cabin.  Down here in NorCal, we never see moose.  Enjoy your holiday camping!  I’m jealous, I’m stuck on the inland flatlands.