Dan finally has a day off today. So lets see.. 82 degrees. Thats nice for Florida. Maybe we can take Clarence to the beach… or a park. We live close to both. 5 min drive not bad at all. On Monday I gotta go to the win office so I can get Clarence’s pic card and I can get him baby food. Ive been working on this win thing for months.. I think i’m gonna clean and let the rest of the day be my reward. So I’ll clean, go to the park, to the beach, then me n dan will wind down with a blunt while the baby sleeps. Fuck my vape just died… Ok time to clean. 



I did not do any of those things I wanted. I went to Karma and wasted my time there listening to my “friend” say the ugliest most privileged things on and on and on. ugh. im so sick of her. The only reason I tolerate her is because she could be a reference to tattoo shops. I know thats fake, just like her. But I have to think about my future. I bit my tongue the whole time it was exhausting. Im about to read my favorite user’s entry for today. I hope his day went well. 

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