A day out as a boy.
Ever wonder if the things you try turn out better if you forget your purpose and go with how the situation feels?

The ability to draw from little moments in life, and forget about what ever happened before, living only for the looks he gives you and the way he makes you feel.

The second he saw through my facade of girly-ness. I think a little part of what he felt for me died. I became less of something date-able and more of just another one of the guys.

~ the story is as follows~

I went out after the show with some guys who are in the cast and we played Ultimate frisbee in a nearby park. My brother and I play frisbee all the time so it was nothing new to me. I went mostly because the sport entails a lot of running and the guys always get hot and remove their shirts. ( I am a girl)  what more can I say.

One of the guys I think is terribly cute was on my team. I thanked my lucky stars. I really wanted to win, because I know winning makes him happy. I tried really hard to play to the best of my ability, but everytime he threw the disk to me, I seemed to drop it or have trouble hanging on to it. I was however one of the only girls who played. There were only two of us girls on the field at all.

During the game one of my teammates got stung by a bee. I helped her out. I pulled out my 12 in 1 tech tool and proceeded to use the pliers to pull out the stinger. All of the guys on the field stopped and looked at me like I was an alien. I guess I was to them. I mean, think about it. I girl with tools?

I guess girls with tools are ind unheard of. Ce a vie. Any guy that doesn’t like a woman with tools can suck it in my book.

The guy I liked gave me this look… ( it was kinda like ) " what the hell?" and "that’s akward"
I wasn’t sure what to make of it. He didn’t really talk to me much afterward. I guess in his eyes I became one of the guys and not something to be interested in anymore.

I guess he really is the vain jackass, like everyone says he is.

Oh well. I’m just another one of the boys.

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