What a wonder life is….

What a wonder life is…

Some things make a stranger impact on my life then other things. I can’t describe the nature of such a phenomenon. It’s like a stream of connected thoughts where I give more weight to some over others. It’s like I care more about the times I spent with my friends more then the time I spent reading about what my life will hopefully be like in ten years.

I think it was this lecture we had on phenomenology we had a few weeks ago. Every night before I go to sleep, I contemplate everything I did during my day. I rule out things I did but didn’t feel were necessary or right.

That fight I picked, that door I didn’t open for the girl struggling with a box… That homeless man I walked past and didn’t give change to…

The little things that I feel I need to correct and maybe my karma will come back to me. I feel like I should be ashamed of myself when I recap my day and feel horrible.

I’m trying to change.

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