15 days

I’ve been stressed. Worried. Not relaxed.

My dog was attacked 15 days ago. He’s gonna be fine. But vet visits, catering to the dog to make his life easier

Part of our tree fell in our yard. No damage. Had to clean it up on the hottest days of summer (over 90 F)

Then a jackass of a lady side swiped my car. I was in the turning lane. She decided last second she was gonna turn. Hit my passenger side.

All that in 15 days.

And I have my best friends wedding. Rehearsal July 5. Wedding the 6. So many appointments, things to do

Not to mention, my hip is awful. Last 2 mornings, hurt so bad….been hunched over to walk. I have an appointment Monday for a massage.

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July 5, 2019

If things come in threes  then you’ve already had all your bad luck! I hope you feel better soon – enjoy the wedding!

July 6, 2019

@mrroflcopter Today is the wedding (July 6). 6:40 am now. I have a freaking swollen eyelid!