We went to the town next door. There is a bar there that has fishbowls (of alcohol). There are like 10 flavors. No bar in this town has fishbowls. So we had a little time away. I invited a couple we know in the neighboring town, Justin and Alicia, to join us. Well, I told them last week we might be in town. So when I sent a text last night saying we were on our way, Justin was still working (he works for a farmer….or farming company). Alicia was still sleeping at the time (she works overnights, so she has odd sleep schedules). They didn’t join us. But both of us like hanging out with them. I’ve known Justin and Alicia for many years now. I’m glad Aaron likes Justin and Alicia too.¬†We shared 1 fishbowl and ate. Spent a few hours there.

Part of our tree fell…..more like the root came out and the limb fell. This past Tuesday when I mowed (I rarely mow) I noticed part of that tree branches were hanging a little low. I wasn’t sure since I never mow. Aaron noticed Wednesday or Thursday it seemed a little low (good thing I wasn’t going crazy). We just didn’t know why it seemed low. Just got lower and lower (by a lot) in 4ish days. Last night when we got home, branches were on top of our fire pit. We noticed a few days ago there was a bird’s nest in that part of the tree. So we didn’t want to do anything to the tree the past few days. So last night and this morning we had to talk about what we wanted to do with the tree.

The obvious choice, cut the limbs/branches into smaller stuff. But….the bird’s nest. Both of us feel that every animal/living thing has a purpose in life. We wanted to keep the nest as is. Let the babies hatch. If we moved the nest momma bird might not do her job. So this morning we decided to cut every limb around the nest. When the birds hatch and move on, we’ll finish the limb cutting. That particular nest branch is on top of the fire pit. Off the ground from the snakes and other ground animals. Just hope others don’t get to the nest.

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