never know what to name this. lol

 went to dentist again today and tried on my wax teeth again. he mesurred for my bite today. they look good and feel good too.

post to get them for good friday. cant wait. lol 

got up this morning and said what would be neet is sence today is journal lettering tuesday i got my friend ambers journal letter in the mail.

went to town and came home and low and behold there it lay on my desk. now that was wired. so i have read all of her 100 page letter. lol

i will start writing her back soon 

taped ilyse some more yesterday but still not threw with it. lol

im eating some egg salad and chips and drinking some peach mango water. lol

got a christmas gift from my sister becky today, it was a cute little scrapbook that she made me herself.

been working on some little journal books that im making my aunt bill for christmas.







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