new teeth & new game.

 hello all,

                well we in the new year now hope its better than the last. 


got my new teeth, but not used to them yet. and boy is it hard to eat with them.


now for the best news of all, lol. i just happened upon a game that is new to me, online the other day. and it is fun too.

the name of it is message in a bottle.

ur on an island and sea guiles are flying and making there sounds, u here the waves splashing

and then a big ship comes by and blows its horn and that is letting you know that a bottle is fixing to wash up onto the beach.

ok a crab comes out and you have to get the bottle before the crab does, lol if he gets it he will run off with it and you lose it.

ok u get a point every time u get a bottle. and the message in the bottle is some times a joke, quote, or fortunes and trivia.

and some times it is something that another person that has played the game has wrote and u get to reply back to it.

and then sometines the paper in the bottle is empty and u get to write something down and throw it back in the water.

and they have some chain bottle that u sigh and trow back in.

it is so fun i love

it also lets you know when someone else had found a bottle that you signed or wrote or replyed to. and u get to see what they said too.


ok until next time,


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