For sale: self-important guy w/ entitlement issues

3 months later, the dog is fine…  the bank account is teetering…  both my daughters have psycho moments (manic is more like it)…  the wife still smokes pot at least 3 times a day & doesn’t spend much time interacting with the kids unless she has to…  and I’m still a self-important guy with entitlement issues.  Ha!  Yeah, I feel entitled to a 2 week vacation in some exotic location far from home…  by myself!

I still don’t know how we’re going to pay the $4000 balance on the summer camp for my youngest daughter or the $2500 balance on the bat mitzvah celebration or the $1900 balance for the yearly lawn maintenance, but I’ll find a way.  Credit cards are always a good option to delay things.  Oh wait, they all want cash.  Fart cakes.  Time to max out the home equity line of credit again!

I get less sleep than I need, which isn’t helping things.  At least I have the bed all to myself most nights so I can stretch out.  Still, the alarm goes off too early, and all the damn walking that I do isn’t keeping the weight off like it used to.  Ahh well, I’m getting old.

Oldest daughter is talking to a LCSW once a week, but I don’t see how it’s helping.  Plus, the LCSW isn’t covered by my crappy employer’s insurance, so the $125 a week is killing the bank account even more.  I think I’m going to ask my wife to look into her employer’s psycho-benefits and then find a therapist that is covered.  I don’t really care that my daughter likes this LCSW.  If it bankrupts us, it ain’t worth it.  Then again, if it keeps my daughter from killing me or the dog, I guess it might be.

After all this, I hope I’m able to retire by 72 so I can sit around and do nothing all day.  Then again, I’m not actively saving anything for retirement anymore (my company closed the 401(k) last year), and the stock market is a con game run by millionaires, so my IRAs will probably be worth less in 30 years than they are now, especially after the probable 50% tax rate that we’ll be dealing with when the government figures out that retirement accounts are a great source of funding once Social Security runs out.  I’ll probably be working ’til I’m 80 instead.  Woo.

Who wants to help me?  Nobody.  Everyone’s just in it for themselves.  I’m the world’s greatest enabler too, so I’m screwed.  I like making people happy so they leave me alone once they get what they want.

I think I’m the one who needs the therapist.  Time to find one that’s close to work so I can go during lunch hours.  Oh, but only if the insurance covers it.  Catch 22.  Can’t afford it, can’t afford not to.


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