Through all the Craziness…

Its been a while. Life has been good, just busy. The new school year has just started. The kids are going face to face, no masks required. I have mostly left it up to the kids if the want to wear one. They do want to wear one most the time.  I dont mind if they do. I will say this, no one in this house has been sick since febuary 2020. No colds, no flu. I am beyond thankful and grateful!

One thing, i dont remember if i have wrote anything about it, i put my dog down. Beau, my protector. It was part of his being. He always regreted bitting anyone. He would run to his bed. his safe place. he bit 3 people. 1 needed 2 stitches. none of the times was it more than one fange punture. not trying make excusses for him. i pet him as he faded away. he trusted me, i broke that trust. I cried. My heart is still broke. I miss him every day.

i have a woman who comes over and cleans my house every other week. she really sucks. she doesnt sweet before she mops. all the nasty stuff gets caught in the corners , she moves nothing , i need to tell heri willclean my own house now that school is in session.i have a lot more time.Iknew when she wanted the job that she wasnt going to workout well.

nowi am tired, i am very anemic. By 2pm i am exhausted. ever since my heart attack i get tired very easy. i wonder why i am anemic.


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