Call it indentured servitude then

For a country that never fails to pay lip service to veterans (and their spouses, who do just as much, for no medals), y’all don’t seem to understand the level of servitude you have put yourself into.  I can’t protect your liberty by getting shot at overseas if you are going to not pay attention here at home!  You repeat the lies so much not only does it start to sound like the truth in your ears, you fucking start to think it was your idea in the first place.  I’ll laugh as soon as I can let go of the despair.

You know what servitude is, of the indentured type?  It is how a lot of people got to America.  Not unlike the mexicans who get swindled by the coyotes of today, the Irish were only able to get passage across the big pond by promising to work for whomever paid their passage.  A lot of white folk got servants for life just by paying the price of passage, and there were those who would make money by shipping poor irish to new york where the wealthy would buy us.

No, it is not slavery.  It is at least honest, though I am sure there were those who found out they could never repay the debt once they counted up all the fees and such.  Not unlike what many human traffic victims face.  But at least the irish were white, so they had that going for them.  Probably still better to be poor and white in New York than poor and black in Birmingham or Jackson.  Thing is, the indentured servitude was kind of worse, in the sense that we sold ourselves into it.  Yeah, they took advantage of us, like any sleazy salesman today will do.  It is not a new story.

But there is something that we could learn from it that we can then apply to our situation today.  History may not repeat, but it rhymes.  And therein is the power of retrospect.  Two situations can be similar but that similarity might be offset.  Like the same string but a different fret.  They are not the same note, but they are mathematically related.

And dear reader, it is all mathematically related.  But that is another story, and a much longer ramble than this, and I haven’t even gotten to the point yet.  Of being concise I have never been accused.  But I am not smart enough to boil it down so well that it can be contained in a few equations.  At least I am not that kind of smart.

I just watched a movie, Power, in which a girl fantasized about rapping her bitch ass teacher to shame after the teacher tried to embarrass her.  There was a brilliant line, “The only thing that don’t sit well in this brain, is math”.  I thought that was awesome.  I love the fact that on Young Sheldon they bring out the fact that both Georgie and Missy are both extremely exceptional, in their own ways.  You should watch it if you never saw it.   I got it with my free HBO Max subscription when I switched to AT&T for my internet.  I am not a spokesperson, but I don’t mind saying that it is worth the money, and even better when it is free

Servitude is not being able to say fuck this job.  Servitude is being owned by the company store.  Servitude is not being able to quit this job because your kid needs medicine or an operation because she is sick.  Servitude is being held hostage by your FUCKING LOVE FOR YOUR FUCKING FAMILY, so you stay with your demeaning job for a boss that shits on you and a clientele that could give a fuck about your sick kid at home.

Parents want their kids to do better than them.  A country, in turn, should make sure the standard of living for the least among us is as good as we can make it.  Isn’t that what Jesus said?  I’m an atheist, but there is wisdom in treating the least among us as best we can.  My morality comes from empathy, and it is pretty easy to add 2 and 2 here.  I might need help one day, so I should help others.

Tax those fucking churches and give my people health care you stingy mother fuckers!

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