The loss of the feminine

It is difficult to say the least to come finally to the realization the flaw goes back so incredibly far.  We have known for so long that it was at least an early symptom but we have now cone to formally state the prime error and to hypothesize how we can use that knowledge to fix the world without breaking it.

Sadly, I’m not hopeful.  Usually we go back to the last bit of stability and the last three or four collapses they fell back into religious zealotry.  Theocracy.  It is the type of fascism most likely to arise in our country if we fuck this up.

And we think that really the thing to do is think of it as a fighter would, as a monk would, as a kayaker would.

The stream is too fast now to get out, now.  Almost too late for advice.

Steer away from the rocks you see but realize most are under water.  Hopefully you mapped the lower levels of this stream before it floods.

But if we can steer, let us use the energy of the collapse to go all the way back to the start of patriarchy and consent we did that part way wrong.  And how do you unravel a thread from that far back when the generations last so long?

We’re not hopeful.  But if it’s gonna break anyway let us break the fucker good and proper, yeah?

The world lacks balance, not more male energy.  Men are out of balance in themselves women are out of balance so how to expect a balanced society?

We’re not hopeful.  But it starts with one.  One to remember that this was never the only way.  And if that one becomes two?  Well now it’s a party.  Can we get a third?

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January 25, 2022

There is always the CITCF timeline.

Something done that mattered little actually mattered all the way.  We will see Sausalito we where the story leads

January 25, 2022

How would we bring balance without collapse?

What does it look like?  How do we explain it so others can SEE it, which is the first step to believing it is possible, which is the first step to trying to make it happen, yes?

What does it look like, this utopia of unfettered equality?  Where does the Energy come from if not disparity?

January 25, 2022

@scarletlee we did not know we had written this to discuss with you until we met.  How nice is it when it falls forward right into the middle?

January 25, 2022

Let us remember that the fraud of which they speak is merely that it was easier to vote.  That is why they still call it unfair because it was too easy to vote.

But the disenfranchisement will continue forever or until ecological collapse UNLESS we make it to where we can vote on things without all the bullshit posturing.  So, we can fix the voting disparities by doing like a simple machine and trade time for distance.  Have all month to vote, then the lines are not stupid, no one has to take off from work (because we don’t actually support democracy we are just fans of corporate donations) to vote, which wouldn’t help the people that need help if it were a holiday because guess who works holidays?  Not stockbrokers.