She’s so toxic but then, so are you…

Good morning!

How are y’all? I am good… a little hungry, but that’s about it. I’m sipping on ice water bc my sister Wen wants me to drink more water. Tomorrow I get the offending tooth extracted and believe me, it can’t come too soon. Today is your average Monday… Wen is bringing me my Visa card also… so, yeah…. eBay et al watch out y’all! I’m armed and dangerous. LOL Nah… I just want to buy the 3DS XL.. I know I have my switch but there is a huge library of games for the 3DS family, like Tomodachi Life, and Pokemon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, X, and Alpha Sapphire among other stuff.

I do love online shopping!I 

My sister shifts on at 10a so… yeah. 🙂

As for the Riverdale image, I heard the Archies ‘Sugar Sugar’ and thought of this.

Love  y’all.



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2 weeks ago

hows your tooth! I have heard clove numbs teeth??? never tried it but might be worth a try

2 weeks ago

@kaliko At this rate, I will try anything. 😛

2 weeks ago

That song is on my favorites list!

2 weeks ago

@darkmadonna It’s a great song.

2 weeks ago

I’m so glad that you’ll be getting that painful tooth removed. I bet you’ll be relieved.

2 weeks ago

@kotila True dat.

2 weeks ago

I am so glad you will finally get the tooth gone….maybe we can have a party to celebrate?