Saturday 8th July 2023

He’s spent the last £40K on a static caravan up at Dornoch. I pray this is an investment and that he gets his money back and more besides. He’s been drinking more than ever since he joined the alcohol group.It’s unaffordable now. 1 bottle of whisky a day. Hannah quit her job to do her HND next year. She’s applying for some summer jobs. They are working at the chinese takeaway to earn extra cash for a holiday in September. I’ve started this Masters so I’m not getting the summer off. It’s way too hot outside. I hate the heat. Managed to get Duncan to paint the roof with bitumen. Hope it doesn’t do more damage. I went on the roof and my knees were way to wobbly. I hate heights. Chris is away to Thailand next week. I’m so worried. He’s on his own and god knows what could happen in countries like that. You hear of all sorts of criminals and people taking advantage. I also hope he enjoys it.

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