Finally got over it!

Dear someone,

Its been a while since i last wrote.. I’ve been busy working on my school projects and my upcoming school events. School has been a big stress this year..its to much work and the pressure is really unbearable but we tend so survive get our shit together.

Today was my economics pitch project competition.. we had to choose an economics topic make a 3D project on it and make a presentation so we could present it in front of our school and judges… I have anxiety if there are large sums of people and the fact that i have a stage fright didn’t help at all… So they were calling up names randomly from all sections …. and my nervousness was getting uncontrollable by the moment.. I was so scared i would screw up and fail or i might forget my  lines .. i was scared i would end up reading and not looking at the judges.. Many thoughts were running in my brain that period of time.

When they started calling up names from my section it meant I was up soon… The thing is what made me get on my nerves is that my friends from my section all stuttered or forgot there lines one couldn’t even finish up her presentation because her voice cracked… So i was like if the most blunt people in my class cant go past the nerves i wouldn’t make it.. and that’s when my palms started to sweat my leg kept shaking.

And that moment they called up my name and i was walking up the stage all i could hear was my heartbeat.. my heart was beating so fast that i would have imagined it going to go out of its place… I stood in front of everyone for a moment i thought i forgot everything… for a moment i panicked and that’s when my teacher gave me a thumbs up and she was like you can do it.. maybe that was all i needed that second to function and carry on.

I started talking and explaining about my topic I went through the presentation smoothly.. at one point my voice started to shake but i was calming my inner self and i did it .. I went through my presentation so smoothly that i was shocked i didn’t even need to look at my not cards and i  didn’t even need to read even a point because somehow the word were just flowing out of my mind. And by the time i  finished everyone was on there feets clapping and chanting my name.. I was soo happy at that moment i even interacted with the judges my asking questions .

Thing is i never prepared nor i practised it before… It was all rushed so we didn’t have time to practise it a day before or anything and surprisingly i rocked the thing I myself was shocked how well i did..

So Getting over my stage fright is ticked from my to do list this year.. I did it… I Finally Got Over My Stage fright!! I am really happy and i think this was my first step towards healing.. I got over something that once upon a time i used to do normally but with years i developed a fear towards it because of people’s words



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November 26, 2019

Getting over stage fright is a big deal, congratulations!

November 26, 2019

@thediarymaster  Yeah it is.. Thanks