I have officially started back to school so I can finally finish my GED and get my diploma…. Unfortunately I have to retake everything because the governor where I live passed a law if a person doesn’t have their GED completed by a certain time last year that in 2023 they will have to take everything all over again…. So now I am stuck taking everything all over again but it’s ok because I know that I can do it…. It is going to take me some time to get my GED because everything has changed and hopefully the passing scores hasn’t changed so I can hurry up and pass the hard tests and then focus on the math and then I will finally have my diploma…. I’m hating having all of this science and math homework and today is only my first day back in school….

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January 19, 2023

Good luck….yes, you can do this!!  Don’t give up!!

January 20, 2023

@happyathome I’m not going to give up because I know that I have one amazing support team behind me