Me and Jeremy just came back from a 2 day romantic getaway in Ohio and we didn’t get back home till almost 11 Tuesday night…. We had such an amazing time together in Ohio together and explored a few different places and a restaurant called Raising Cane’s…. I took a lot of pictures and on the way back Tuesday we stumbled upon another arcade called Launch in Jeffersonville, Ohio…. Honestly I can’t wait for me and Jeremy to go away on another romantic getaway because it is just us time and no one bothers us and we really have time to focus on each other…. I have been trying to focus on my GED and Jeremy has been trying to focus on his job at Lowe’s…. <- I know that we both have different schedules and that we don’t live together right now but we always manage to make time for each other no matter what…. Come September me and Jeremy will be together a year and I’m excited to be celebrating our one year anniversary and I hope that he has something special planned for us like another romantic getaway maybe to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for 3 days and 2 nights in a cabin with a hot tub…. <- I have been working on a picture/scrapbook for mine and Jeremy’s one year anniversary so every chance that I get I want us take pictures together so I can have them for the book and plus I want them on my phone so we will have something to look back over the years to come…. 

I was working at Lowe’s myself then the head cashier Ross told me that even though I have seizures that I would still have to drive myself to work, even when I was having signs of a seizure I would have to go into work, that he didn’t have to follow the ADA rules, and that even though I had already put in for 2 days off so I could go to Huntington to see the specialist for my seizures he was going to schedule me to work and if I was not to show up to work that he was going to fire me that there was nothing that I could do…. <- So I showed him I turned around and told him that I quit because my health was more important than any job like Lowe’s…. Then he called me a worthless person in front of a customer while I was standing there trying to talk to him about finishing out my two weeks then I turned around and got my revenge on him by calling him a jerk and telling him that he is a worthless head cashier and that I have never been called a worthless person by a manager and that karma will get him right front of that same customer…. <- He got what he deserved that day because of what he said to me in front of that customer and I will NEVER work at Lowe’s again, I would rather work at FedEx again and that is saying a lot because that girl works there who shows off in just her bra on Facebook…. 

I have been back in school trying to finish my GED lately and I am so close to finishing I am ONLY one test away and that’s the math…. <- Something that I have been stuck on for awhile…. I am hoping that I will be able to pass the math and graduate from the GED class this year so I can go to college and finally make something of myself…. It costs me about $20 a day to drive from my house in Beckley to Fayette County to go to class so I can try to complete my GED and the DHHR for WV offers a gas voucher but I am having problems trying to get ahold of someone so I can get that gas voucher so I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my vehicle out of my pocket…. 


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May 1, 2023

Congrats on your and Jeremy’s approaching anniversary :-). I hope he does have something special planned for you two.  I’m sure he will love the scrapbook you are making for him.

Good luck on finishing up your GED and on that math test.  What field do you want to go to college in?

May 2, 2023

@happyathome thank you and I hope that he does have something special planned for us too. I sure hope he does like the scrapbook that I am making for him. I haven’t decided what I want to study in college yet