Yesterday me and Jeremy had a lunch date at Chili’s and it was a nice little lunch date…. I even took a couple of pictures of us together and I snapped some pictures of him without him knowing…. <- Lol…. I feel really bad for Jeremy because of everything that he has been going through lately at his parents house and at work…. <- It got really bad the day before yesterday especially when his mom started on him saying that she was going to put shock collars on 2 of his 3 dogs because all they do is bark and whine…. Honestly I am really upset with his mom because she ended up putting the shock collars on 2 of his dogs and ended up putting his 3 dogs outside because she needs to be able to “sleep” when clearly it’s her dogs is the ones who always whines and barks all the time…. It is just getting worse for him at his parents house and he has been sending me some of the conversations between him and his mom and I am sitting here in disbelief because I didn’t think that she could be like that to her son especially over his dogs Spartan, Ryder, and Sakari…. <-She even told him “don’t threaten me” and all he said is that he would leave…. <- Now how is that threatening her???? <- That is NOT threatening that is telling her that he is fed up and that he is NOT going to put up with her bs anymore especially over his dogs…. He is getting treated like a dog at his work too and he is fed up with that place too and I can’t blame him…. I am working on going back to FedEx because it is a steady job for me and I know that I am promised hours there…. I really worry about Jeremy and him being there at his parents house and him having to deal with everything at his work…. I am hoping that he can get some money saved up soon so he can get moved into his own place because there has been some unforeseen circumstances that has stopped him over the past few years from him getting his own place…. Honestly I think that his parents doesn’t want him to move out because then they won’t have anyone to take their dogs when Jeremy moves out…. He will have more freedom when he gets his own place and I will be able to open even more time with him and I will be able to spend the night with him whenever I want too…. Jeremy just informed me that he threw his vest at his boss and told him that he is done because no one wanted to listen to Jeremy about pulling the partial sun and partial shade plants back inside and when the manager from the Fayetteville store told them to pull the partial sun and partial shade plants in the red vests listened to that store manager and did as they were told…. <- Why couldn’t they listen to Jeremy because he is their green team leader and they are supposed to listen to him…. Then Lowe’s wonders why they are losing so much product when it comes to the outdoor lawn and garden its because the red vests puts plants in the sun that doesn’t belong and when its cold they don’t bring in plants that is supposed to be brought in…. My babe is going through so much and I wish that I could help him but he won’t let me because he said that I don’t need to worry and that I just need to have faith…. 

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