Back on Tuesday me and my babe Jeremy had a movie date and we seen Fast 10 and I have a new picture of us…. For 2 days now we have been to his Mawmaw’s house and I really enjoy going to see his mawmaw because not only do I keep her company but we can talk about anything and everything…. Yesterday we helped her by planting 2 trees in her yard for her and this morning when we got there Jeremy weedeated her yard for her and I helped her move flowers back where they went and put the cute little fences back around the flowers she wanted…. After me and Jeremy left her house we went to DQ to get ice cream…. Shocker Jeremy finally apologized to me and I apologized too and we made up…. Jeremy has been trying to cheer me up since Tuesday evening when my kitten who I had been taking care of since he was born almost 3 weeks ago suddenly passed away and I was the one who found him and of course I text Jeremy crying because I was and still lost without my little Maxamillion (Max) because I babied him, bottle fed him, pottied him myself using a wet cloth, and wrapped him in one of my blankets until he went to sleep in my arms, and I would get him every time he would cry because he was my fur baby and he will always be my fur baby…. Jeremy is so amazing even though we did have a little scuff the other day and I completely ignored him for 24 hours…. <- Maybe he learned his lesson who knows…. NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS PLEASE!!!! 

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3 days ago

I’m sorry to hear about your furbaby. 🙁 Sounds to me like you and Jeremy are getting back on track…

3 days ago

@sagittariusmoon thank you and yes we are finally getting back on track


3 days ago

@southernbelle1788 That’s good to hear. 🙂

2 days ago

@sagittariusmoon thank you 🙂