I wish that me and Jeremy could get away for a couple of days like we did at the end of April but that’s not going to happen for awhile because we don’t have the money right now…. We have been together for 8 months now as of Sunday 5/21/23 and I really want us to do something special for our one year anniversary in September maybe like a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN…. <- That would be the perfect romantic getaway for us…. I am starting to save up for the State Fair of WV and Christmas because I was so behind last year and I was rushing to buy Christmas for my kids and family and Jeremy and his family so this year I am going to be more prepared…. There is only a few days of school left for my 2 youngest kids and my oldest son who is 16 yrs old is graduating on June 3rd…. I’m kinda wanting Jeremy to propose to me this year and I have been throwing hints at him for awhile now and he hasn’t got any of the hints…. <- Like seriously I need help to try to get him to propose to me this year…. I understand that we have to do the math for the finances and then set a date but we would do a lot better together than living in separate places…. I can’t wait for the day that me and Jeremy are living together…. NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS PLEASE!!!! 

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