I have been cleaning house since I have got up this morning and I now finally have a chance to sit down…. I will be getting the rest of this house cleaned tomorrow and hopefully I will have some help from Bobby…. Tomorrow is general election in Beckley so me and Bobby is going to get out and vote…. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week I get to work and I can’t wait…. The paychecks will be rolling again and I can’t wait because I can honestly say that we will be able to live comfortable and keep the bills caught up also I will be able to start saving money for my wedding next year…. I know that I will be happy again once I go back to work because I know that I will be pulling my share of the weight and responsibilities around the house…. I am still going to balance my normal life and my work life…. I have busting my behind off to try to get this house back in order and it is slowly coming back together…. 

On a lighter note I have gotten a lot of housework done in the few days and I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself…. 

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